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Elmsend Films provides video production and filming services for web and business throughout the UK and Internationally. We are thinkers, developers of ideas and most importantly passionate filmmakers. Our services include creating web promotional videos for businesses, filming events and training videos. We've produced videos for companies across the UK including in Somerset, Bristol, London, Birmingham and Manchester. We can take your initial idea and turn it into a moving image, ensuring the end result is exactly what you want. We will work with you to make sure it gets in front of your target market. There is no better way to promote your product or service, train or educate your customers or employees, than with video. The advances in digital technology mean we can produce cost-effective video productions and ensure our services are available to all. Whether you require the end result on your website, an exhibition display or a social media campaign, we can deliver. If you need something filmed in the morning and put online in the afternoon, we have the team and equipment to make it happen.

  • Business videos
  • Event Filming
  • Crowdfunding Videos
  • Luxury property videos

Our Services

Business videos

We work with SME’s and organisations to create business videos to help promote products and services. From concept through script development to production and final delivery we’ll work with you every step of the way.

Event Filming

A small workshop, one day conference or major exhibition, whatever your filming requirements we have it covered. We can provide single camera operators to multi-crew setups to capture your event. We can provide live streaming services, upload seminars to your social network sites or video sharing page and create highlight promotional videos to market future events.

Crowdfunding Videos

Crowdfunding has become big business and a great way to raise starting capital for your project. A video is so important to grab the attention of potential investors. We produce videos for all funding levels and styles from simple talking heads, to effect driven product demonstrations. We take a reduced payment upfront with a bonus from successful campaigns.

Luxury property videos

Selling or letting, we work with luxury property agents, developers and private sellers to help enhance the way your property is seen by buyers, we can set up your own YouTube or Vimeo channel to link to your own site, upload your videos to your social media pages, app or mobile content.

Our Process


Where it begins, we’ll talk to you about your product, service, brand and why you would like a video created. It’s important to understand what you want to get out of your end video, who your target market is and for us to really understand who you are.

Concept and development

We love coming up with new ideas and working out new ways to tell your story and get your message across.


This is where we’ll work out how we’re going to create your video, put the script together, storyboards, and ensure you know exactly what it is we’re looking to create for you and how we’re going to do it. Planning is key.


This is the process of filming your production. Careful pre-production ensures we use this time effectively and keep to budget. We have the crew and equipment to cover all levels of production.


During this process we’ll edit the footage from your shoot into the final video, adding any required graphics, voice over, sound mix and colour grade.


From the start we make sure we know where the video needs to end up and your target market so we know what platforms your video will appear on and ensure it's the right size and format. We can also work with you to develop, build and maintain your video channels like YouTube if required.


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